Our Moral Compass

We believe that ultimate wildlife encounters, great photography and personal, professional service are most important to you. This “tripod” of values are surprisingly lacking in many (most?) other tours. But they are experiences and relationships that I personally look for when I travel and, specifically, join wildlife and photo tours.  We developed these tours for others who share these fundamental desires.
We will serve you sincerely, as if you were a family member (you are) and not just a pretty face. Our tours, word-of-mouth referrals and client base have increased dramatically every year, along with the  friendships we have formed with participants, pilots, lodge operators and wildlife lovers of all ages.
You can trust from your gut, and your first email interaction or phone conversation with us that what we promise, we deliver. You will get everything — and usually more — that we advertise.
With our online newsletters, photo tips, information and 40+ years of Alaska experience, we can help you improve, enjoy and be more confident with your photography skills. We can also help you become more aware and knowledgeable of animal ecology as well.
And you’ll have a blast in the process.
It all comes down to two fundamental goals:
1) The experiences, skills, knowledge and fun  you gain here will run deep into your heart and soul;     
2) You will be part of a growing force of humanity with a more compassionate and inclusive attitude in the world.
Glad you made it this far and I look forward to meeting you.
Ron Levy, Director

Ron Levy, Director, Alaska Photo Adventures

Four important reasons why APA is your best choice for an Alaskan photo tour:

We know what you want — massive mammals in gorgeous light and scenery, the privilege of mutual trust with a wild animal, and the joy of capturing it all for a lifetime of memories.
Created by photographers for photographers, we understand the desire to “work the scene” and get the shot. Like “gorillas in the mist”, you’ll be “photographers in the midst” of great animals, great scenery, lots of great light and more time to fill your memories and memory cards.


No need to keep commuting back and forth to Anchorage every other day. We are the ONLY MULTI-DAY PHOTO TOURS based on the Kenai Peninsula, closest to the best animals and scenery. You only return to the big city at the end of your tour.
That means more valuable time shooting in the field, up in the air, or behind a dogsled!



Flexibility — We are not locked into one vendor, airline or  lodge. If there is no space, bad weather, road conditions or no animals, we can tap other providers and locations to make it happen. Like being on a travel photo assignment, you have to consider Murphy’s law and plan accordingly. We handle all the logistics and maximize your photo opps.
Alaska is huge! You can’t learn all the hot spots AND possible options on one visit. Our combined 100+ years living and shooting here make it as easy and trouble free as possible for you to enjoy and shoot in the best places.
Compare our prices to any other tour of same length of time and similar locations/animals. You can do more with us for less than you can as a solo traveler, plus have an expert pro photographer at your side the whole time.
Your time is valuable and will be maximized as much as possible in the field, with time to relax in camp, eat delicious meals and sleep comfortably. All logistics are coordinated, with backup options and alternate locations in case of bad weather.
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