Attention Wildlife Observers:

Be part of our


(Keen Eagle-Eye Network)

Get paid to report wildlife sightings on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula

Help others enjoy their experiences and get great photos!


Man taking cell phone photo of moose, Alaska


Alaska Photo Adventures pays $ to report cool animal sightings viewable at (relatively) close distance from Kenai Peninsula public roads .

We are interested in photographing larger birds & mammals (moose, caribou, bears, coyotes, etc.) and other colorful or uncommon animals.

From our USFWS, biology and photography backgrounds, we will be very sensitive and careful in viewing, parking and observing animals. We do not want to influence or disturb the animal’s actions, or create any issues on the road.

Payment will range from $5 – 20 (in cash, Paypal or Venmo) depending on the animal, and will be paid only if you are the first to report it. We will be honest with you and want to generate repeated good contacts with sharp observers and regular reporters. See terms on the form.

Pilots: We will pay for your sighting(s) too. Think of us when you’re up there!


It’s a WIN-WIN!

eye with grizzly

Thank you for sharing your wildlife observations!

Call with any questions   740-3322

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