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Ron Levy, Photographer, Writer, Tour Director,  Member ASMP, NANPA

“To be ignored by a wild animal is one of the great honors of wildlife photography”
My first inspiration in photography was my uncle, a Hollywood TV photographer and Jerry Lewis’ cousin. He would bring home bloopers of famous actors, and we would laugh endlessly at hilarious, unscripted moments between takes. I was in awe that he was able to capture not only those rare moments, but the unqualified trust of his subjects.
But the city life was not for me. Stronger inspiration emerged from other photographers. I blame Franz Lanting, Ansel Adams, Ernst Haas and Philip Hyde for luring me away from the chaotic, dysfunctional cement jungle to greener pastures.
I worked seasonally for 10 years as a Park Ranger for the NPS, USFS and USFWS on secluded islands in California, deserts in Arizona, and wild Alaska. Between seasons I studied jazz piano at Berklee College in Boston, and went on self-assigned and formal photo tours to countries on every continent, including Antarctica, Galapagos, Kenya, Sweden, India, Micronesia, etc..
In the early 1980s. I operated a lodging business for about 20 years on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. My photo career also blossomed at this time. I had a brief stint as a stringer for Associated Press, with shots appearing in the WA Post, NY Times and most of the major papers.  Photos and articles began appearing in magazines and corporate projects while I fulfilled assignments, received awards in global competitions, and had images exhibited in museums and galleries.
Images have been published now for 40 years by companies including National Geographic, Smithsonian, Time, Newsweek, Tierre Sauvage, Der Spiegel, and hundreds more. Museums include London & Ottawa Museums of Natural History, Carnegie, and Anchorage, as well as the Hollywood Director’s Guild and galleries in the US, Barcelona, Italy and China, Images have been used in billboards, murals at West Point Military Academy, NBC, PBS, documentaries, etc. 
Other Motivations
Other passions involve consulting for photographers, pro bono support for NGOs in health and conservation fields, leading private and group photo tours, speaking to photography associations, coaching dedicated photographers, and always enjoying being in beautiful light, special places and among trusting animals.​
A lifelong obsession has been documenting the limits of compassion between species, communities and cultures. There are many ways to interact and address life’s issues. Better choices can be made with better perspectives. Political and philosophical differences aside, images still connect us personally, locally and globally. Through images, my hope is to illustrate common joys, desires and fears, and motivate others to widen their “compassion boundaries”.

Taz Tally, Photographer, Author, Adventurer, Geologist, Professor

Taz Tally, Ph.D. is a long-term Alaskan resident, fine art photographer, geologist, world traveler, scuba diver, University of Alaska professor, and author of numerous books such as 50 Hikes In Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, Backroads & Byways of Alaska, Photoshop Before & After, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Silverfast and  others.
Taz teaches photography and digital imaging classes for the University of Alaska and and develops online training courses for and the Printing Industry of America. Taz’s 10-Step Grayscale Target Calibration and Color Correction Kit is used world-wide for calibrating scanners and digital cameras and for color correcting images.
Taz enjoys traveling the world and photographing natural landscapes above and below the water. He regularly presents at photography and print industry trade shows and seminars throughout the country. He loves his home in Homer, Alaska, where he delights in capturing images while mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and Nordic skiing.



Alissa Crandall, Photographer, Publisher, Tour Guide, Member NANPA, ASONP

Nothing makes me happier than taking someone to a special place and helping them get a memorable photo!”

Alissa is a long-time professional photographer who specializes in outdoor, wildlife, tourism and travel photography. She has led photo and bear viewing tours for over 25 years in Alaska, and has photographed in every corner of the state. Alissa also leads photo tours in Africa as well.   She has photographed on in Antarctica, Borneo, Brazil, Japan and Korea, as well as solo photo excursions to Egypt, England, Hong Kong and Mexico.
Alissa built her own darkroom at the age of 13 and began selling to newspapers, magazines and individual clients. She had her first solo exhibit at age 19 and has had solo exhibits in California, Maine and Alaska, as well as appearing in many group exhibits.
She studied with the Ansel Adams workshops and many others, and holds degrees in Photography and Journalism. Publishing credits include Alaska Magazine, Alaska Airlines, Backpacker, BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, Wilderness Society, Travel Weekly, and numerous books, cards and posters.
Alissa has also written three books: Along the Alaska Highway, Along the Alaska Marine Highway, and Paradise of the North: Prince William Sound. Alissa and her husband Ed ran a successful Alaskan publishing business for over 20 years, and currently live in Anchorage and Colorado.

Eva Canedo, Masters in International Education, Office Manager/Client Care

Eva is the woman-behind-the-scenes whom you may or may not meet.  She modestly keeps the paperwork in order, verifies flights, lodging, pickups, dropoffs, transportation, budgets and keeps the myriad other phases of the tour coordinated. She also feeds the chickens.
Eva has been a foreign language instructor for over 20 years at the University of Alaska. She enjoys traveling the world, and meeting people from different cultures and perspectives. She received her Master’s Degree through Framingham University in Costa Rica.
You will most likely be hearing from her through email communications helping you with any questions you may have about our tours, and organizing logistics before and throughout your time with us.




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