2023 Alaska Photo Tours
Rates & Dates


Silver (5-day) Photo Tour     $6495.00

Gold (7-day) Photo Tour       $7495.00

(Gold Tour includes Brooks Falls bear fly-out)


Below are the scheduled dates for our 2023 Alaska Photo Tours. They are dependent on a minimum of 3 participants. Dates and itineraries are subject to change(s) due to numerous situations — changes from helicopter, fixed-wing or lodging vendors, weather, highway closures or re-routes, wildlife conditions, etc. However, we will notify you well in advance if changes may involve a change in your arrival/departure date. We recommend arriving/leaving  2 days before/after your tour, to account for delayed flights, weather, Covid politics, etc. To date, we have never had to cancel or rebook a tour more than 2 days later than planned.

Bear sites and camps in particular are the “pivot point” in most tours — there are very limited openings for the volume of people interested in bears, so we try to lock those spots in with various vendors and adjust our tour schedule around them. Note that bear camp adventures can be separate day trips or overnights, depending on weather, specific locations, safety, bear activity and availability, etc. We will get you the best option for the safest, most “face time” adventure as possible.

We are very good at having alternate options available, moving our scheduled activities around to different dates within the tour, and leaving some breathing space in our schedules to seamlessly accommodate unavoidable changes.  We encourage you to do the same with your airline and travel dates.

Click on these links to check itineraries for the  5-day and 7-day tours. (Also accessible from the top menu).

All tours have a maximum of 6 participants. This keeps everything more flexible and gives you more personal attention and time to shoot, rather than dealing with logistics with a crowd of participants.

We also arrange private tours for as little as 2 people. Tell us what you want/don’t want, when you want to go, etc. Want more days with the bears, more flightseeing/aerial photo time, 5-star suites instead of hotel rooms? We’ll customize your tour just for you.

2023 Alaska Photo Tours

Space is already filling. July fills up first. Please contact us soon if you are thinking of coming to Alaska.

 June 24-28, 2023 (5-days, 4 nights)

July 3-9, 2023 (7-days, 6 nights)     

July 13-19, 2023 (7-days, 6 nights)

July 22-28, 2023 (7-days, 6 nights)

August 2-8, 2023 (7-days, 6 nights)


To book a tour and secure space, click the yellow button below to register

We will hold space pending receipt of your deposit (listed on form).

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