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Starting at $129.00 pp


Note:  We do not offer scheduled one-day tours. They are on a first come-first served basis, depending on whether we can fit them in between our longer tours. Give us a call or contact us below and we can help you decide.
The 1-day tours can go to the SAME place(s) as our regularly scheduled multi-day tours. You can pick any of the same world-famous destinations, aerial tours and wildlife hot spots that our multi-day tours go to — brown bears in Katmai/Lake lark Nat’l Parks, helicopter glacier-fjord aerials around Kenai Fjords National Park, wildlife land tours on the Kenai Peninsula, dogsledding excursion on a glacier (includes short helicopter ride), or other personal choices if you have any that we can accommodate. We can also customize a day tour for you.
Day tours offer the same options and benefits as if you were to shop around and book them yourself with flight or tour operators, but with these added benefits:
Comfortable 6-12 passenger vans with plenty of room for gear and relaxation
Pickup at your Kenai Peninsula hotel
Transport around the Kenai peninsula or to/from Homer or Seward
Flexible times to suit your needs, with as much time as humanly possible amidst the wildlife, great light and scenery
Photography tips & Alaska info from our long-term-Alaska resident professional photographer guides
We know the best places to go and companies to partner with, based on our 40 years in Alaska. Our discounts from multiple bookings with them are translated to you in the form of added benefits of transportation, food and your personal travel/photo guide to, from and at the same destinations
Price range for individual day tour options (Minimum 3 people):
Half or Full-day Wildlife Road Tour around Kenai Peninsula   $129-199pp   (Locations depend on recent wildlife sightings. Can include a trip to Homer or Seward)
Brown bear hot spots in Katmai or Lake Clark National Parks    $495-795 pp    (via helicopter or boat, depending on weather/availability) 
Helicopter flightseeing over fjords and glaciers   $450 – 850pp     (includes wildlife road tour and/or dogsledding on a glacier)
Advantages of 1-day vs longer tours
— Biggest advantage is cost. If weather is good, you can have a thrilling visit the brown bears in their natural surroundings for half a day, including helicopter flight. You’ll have a relatively short window to photograph brown bears feeding, playing, rolling, etc., for a fraction of the cost of multi-day tours. Or you can choose a land tour or combo helicopter flightsee-land tour that gives more time seeing a wider variety of things.
— Another advantage is for impulse travelers. If we can get you in “tomorrow”, you don’t have to make longer term reservations. So you’re not locked into a long term commitment as with the multi-day tours. (However, we must have full payment to secure your day tour).
— Flexibility to avoid bad weather or take advantage of good weather. If the weather is not good in one area of Alaska where you may have wanted to go, and you’re not locked in to another tour, you can take advantage of good weather or opportunities in another area with a day tour. Or you could have an day that opened up in your trip that you decide to see some bucket-list wildlife, glaciers, or aerials on your list. Whatever, our experience and flexibility can help you get places during your short time here.
— You will pay the same or less than if you booked any of the destinations individually yourself. Plus, with us, you will get all the transportation, food and other benefits listed below!
Disadvantages of 1-day tours
— Photography is all about time in the field. An extra day or two can sometimes be the difference between getting the shots you came for, or having to settle for shooting in sub-optimal weather. It works both ways on 1-day tours, but if you only have 1 opportunity to get those bear or aerial shots, there’s no cushion or “insurance” to come back in a few hours or the next day. Most of our multi-day tours can be rearranged within the 3-7 day slot to take advantage of good/bad  weather and timing. 
It comes down to your own risk tolerance and how much time and money you are wiling to save for the risk of uncertainty, versus booking a longer tour to have a buffer and be able to relax a bit with the normal unpredictable nature of travel, weather and animal behavior.
— The cost per tour-day comes down with the longer tours, so you get a better value for your experiences. You can not only see and do more each day on the longer tours (since you have 24 hours each day rather than an 8-10 hour day tour), your cost per hour or day of being among the animals and scenery comes way down. More time is your greatest ally in wildlife photography for great shots in great light.
— Usually the flights to the bears in Katmai and Lake Clark are booked weeks in advance. Short notice one day flights are harder to fit in last minute. The aerial flightseeing and dogsled glacier flights are a little easier to fit in last minute, but still harder to guarantee.
— Day tours do not include pickup/dropoff in Anchorage. You must already be on the Kenai Peninsula for us to pick you up locally here.
Other Tour Options
ziplining-Stoney-Creek-Seward-Alaska Photo Adventures
As mentioned above, you can choose any of the activities and locations from the multi-day tours as a day tour. Sometimes we can combine 2 options in one day, such as a land tour with a helicopter flightsee over fjords, or a dogsled excursion with land tour and/or fjord flightsee. Whatever you’re wanting to do, ask us and we’ll try to fit you in.  There will be additional charges for these activities since you would be adding a 4th day to your tour, but we can facilitate any changes seamlessly for you.
Other options include (contact us for pricing):
1) wildlife float trip down the upper Kenai river
2) whitewater raft trip down a class IV-V river
3) whale and wildlife boat cruise in Resurrection Bay in Seward. This is also a world renown option, as you can photograph sea otters, puffins, bald eagles, possibly several types of marine mammals including humpbacks, orcas, minke, dall’s porpoise, possibly dall sheep, mountain goats, bears, and other assorted animals
4) zip-lining over old growth forests in Chugach National Forest. This is an option that can also be combined with the boat cruises, whitewater rafting or Kenai river float trips
During the summer, it gets pretty hectic on the Kenai Peninsula, so the sooner you let us know what you would like, the sooner we can fit in a 1-day tour between the other tours.
Minimum of 3 people required (contact us if you are only 1 or 2 and we may be able to put you in an existing day tour).

Contact us and we’ll be glad to help you decide what’s best for your time, money and personal desires!

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