Alaska Photo Adventures

1-4 day Photo Tours

as low as $279.00/pp/day

(plus any optional flights, single supplement, taxes)
Depending on tour length and group size, APA day tours can go to many of the SAME place(s) as our complete 7-day tours, including brown bears in Katmai/Lake Clark Nat’l Parks or other personal choices you may have that we can accommodate. We can also customize private day tours for groups of 4+.
All tours offer these added benefits:
∗ Comfortable 6-12 passenger vans with plenty of room for gear and relaxation
∗ Pickup/dropoff at your hotel in Anchorage or the Kenai Peninsula
∗ Wildlife around Anchorage, Turnagain Arm, Cook Inlet and, depending on tour length,  Kenai Peninsula, Kenai Fjords Nat’l Park, Chugach Nat’l Forest, Katmai, Lake Clark Nat’l Parks.
∗ Meals (Lunch on 1-day tours, 3 meals/day on 2-4 day tours)
∗ Flexible times to suit your needs, with as much time as humanly possible with wildlife, great light and scenery
∗ Photography tips & Alaska natural history narration from our Alaska resident professional photographer guides
Best places to go for up-to-date wildlife sightings, activity, weather, etc. from our local connections throughout the summer and 40 years in Alaska.

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Tour Itineraries, Prices & Options

NOTE: Do not be misled by cheaper “wildlife” day tours in Anchorage. Most take you to the AWCC Wildlife Center, which is the open air zoo along Turnagain Arm. It is a fun place to see animals in an open but fenced zoo setting, but not to see wild animals, bears with salmon, or do any of the classic Alaskan options we offer.  You can take a bus, rental car or cab yourself to the AWCC and save money.
Prices are per person, per day, based on double occupancy. All tours require 3 people minimum for tour to go.
1 Day:   $279/pp + tax 
1-Day tours are not formally scheduled, but filled between scheduled tours if we have openings and minimum registrants. This gives you more possibilities throughout the summer to grab them on short notice. Contact us via email or form below for availability as the summer gets close. 
Premium wildlife photography tour around Anchorage, Turnagain Arm, Chugach State Park and, time permitting, upper Kenai Peninsula. Includes search for moose, bears, dall sheep, beluga whales (August), bald eagles, loons, otters, beavers and other animals. May include bears catching salmon later in the season.
2 Days:  $795/pp  + tax  (Single supplement $99)
Includes all activities on Day 1 PLUS lodging, 3 meals/day, Kenai Fjords Nat’l Park marine mammal cruise, helicopter flightseeing tour over glaciers & fjords, more time and locations in bear/moose/wildlife hotspots around Chugach National Forest and/or upper Kenai Peninsula.  We stay overnight on the Kenai Peninsula and/or return to Anchorage, depending on whether this is your last day or you are on a 4-day tour.
Optional add-on: Dogsledding on remote glacier (incl. 15 min helicopter ride)  $599
4 Days:  $2995/pp + tax   (Single supplement $295).
Includes all activities on Days 1 & 2, PLUS: Brown bear and salmon flight/day trip to Katmai (Brooks Falls) or Lake Clark National Park via floatplane. A superb 45 minute flight over active volcanoes, 14,000′ peaks, wetlands, salmon rivers, etc (retail cost $1200-1800+) and a day with the famous brown bears catching salmon, clamming, playing with cubs, etc. (activity depends on time of season, weather, availability, pilot discretion. Contact us for more details).
MORE IMPORTANTLY: The 4-day tour not only lowers your daily cost, but gives you breathing space in your tour. On shorter tours above, we may get rained out of spots, can’t make it to others, or encounter animals who aren’t being “cooperative”.
We usually fly out to the bears on Day 3 (dependent on weather/pilot discretion/bear activity), but if we are weathered out that day, we go to other land-based wildlife spots. Day 4 becomes our fly-out to bears, and return to Anchorage.
Advantages of 1-day vs longer tours
1. Biggest advantage is cost. If weather is good, you can have a thrilling photo shoot with wildlife of all types, including bears in their natural surroundings, moose, loons, dall sheep, bald eagles, beluga whales, etc. depending on time of season.
2. Another advantage is for impulse travelers. If we can get you in “tomorrow”, you don’t have to make longer term reservations. So you’re not locked into a long term commitment as with the multi-day tours. (However, we must have full payment to secure your day tour).
3. Flexibility to avoid bad weather or take advantage of (forecasted) good weather. If the weather is not good in one area of Alaska where you may have wanted to go, you can take advantage of good weather or opportunities in another area with a last minute day tour (if seats available). Or you could have a day that opened up in your trip to see wildlife, glaciers, or aerials on your list. Our schedules, experience and flexibility can help you get to places you can’t get to otherwise during your short time here.
4. You will pay the same or less by going through us than if you booked any of the destinations individually yourself. We not only get bulk tour operator discounts, but with us, you will get all the transportation, food and other benefits included. We are able to do that based on the group discounts and our contacts throughout the summer and over many years.
Disadvantages of 1-4 day Tours vs 7-day
1. Photography is all about time. More time is your greatest ally in wildlife photography. An extra day or two can sometimes be the difference between getting the shots you came for, or having to settle for shooting in sub-optimal weather. It works both ways on 1-day tours, but if you only have 1 opportunity to get a bear or moose shot, you can’t come back in a few hours or the next day. You won’t have the luxury as you would in our multi-day tours to return to a spot to take advantage of better weather or timing. 
2. It comes down to your own risk tolerance. How much time and money are you wiling to save for the risk of uncertainty, versus booking a longer tour (4 or 7 days) to have a buffer?  Having a few extra days to shoot or relax a bit eases the stress and unpredictable nature of travel, weather and animal behavior. We will always make the best use of rain/weather days to  get you in front of animals wherever we are. If you get caught in a weather day or two on a 4 day tour, that’s 25-50% of your time/photo opps with bears or other animals, flights, etc.
3. More expensive day rate. The cost per day decreases with longer tours, (except for the added flight cost, which gets passed on to the flight charters) and you get much better value for your money. You can see and do more each day on all the overnight tours — there’s  a LOT more daylight in those summer mornings and evenings  than on a 10-12 hour 1-day tour.
4. 1-2 day tours do not include bear flight adventures in Lake Clark or Katmai. We may get lucky and see them on the roads, but they won’t be fishing for salmon or playing on the tidal flats. It is these classic Alaskan adventures in Lake Clark and Katmai that add the most cost to any tour, as the flights are expensive and longer. BUT THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY (in our humble opinion).
Usually the flights to the bears in Katmai and Lake Clark are booked weeks in advance. On short notice, these options are harder to guarantee closer to tour date. We reserve the option to change bear location based on flight space availability, and/or to give you the best opportunities for viewing and photographing.
Day tours may include pickup/dropoff in Anchorage or the Kenai Peninsula, depending on when we have availability and how far in advance you book your tour. Most day tours are in and around Anchorage, with short trips to nearby hotspots on the Kenai Peninsula.
Sometimes we can combine 2 options in one day, such as a land tour with a helicopter flightsee over fjords, or a dogsled excursion with land tour and/or fjord flightsee. Whatever you’re wanting to do, ask us and we’ll do our best for you.

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Other Tour Add-ons
ziplining-Stoney-Creek-Seward-Alaska Photo Adventures
Other fun options (require 2-4 day tour, dep on activity):
1) Wildlife float trip down the upper Kenai river
2) Whitewater raft trip down a class IV-V river
3) Zip-lining over classic old growth forests in Chugach National Forest.
Tour options are spread over large areas we visit on the Kenai Peninsula, so the sooner you let us know what you’d like, the sooner we can fit it into your tour.

Unsure about anything?

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