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Brown bears catching salmon, Brooks Falls, Katmai Nat'l Park, Alaska- Ron Levy
Brown bear and photographers, Silver Salmon Creek, Lake Clark Nat'l Park, Alaska
Brown bears playing, standing, Silver Salmon Creek, Lake Clark Nat'l Park, Alaska
Man taking cell phone photo of moose by the road, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Dogsled riding, Godwin glacier, AlaskaPhotoAdventures-RonLevy
Brown bears "kissing",Brooks Falls, Katmai Nat'l Park, Alaska-- RonLevy
Brown bear and photographer, Silver Salmon Creek, Lake Clark Nat'l Park, Alaska
Brown bears playing, standing, Silver Salmon Creek, Lake Clark Nat'l Park, Alaska
Man taking cell phone photo of moose by the road, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Optional dogsled add-on or substitute activity

Womand fireweed, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
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Alaska Photo Adventures offers

The ONLY multi-day, small-group wildlife photo tours

based in the middle of the famous Kenai Peninsula!

(where the other photo tours come) 


If you want more time with Alaskan wildlife, Katmai & Brooks brown bears,

a small-group tour with a 40-year experienced Alaskan pro photographer guide

— for the same or less than other photo treks or safaris  

our tours pack more BANG for your BUCK than any other Alaska wildlife photo tour.


 We see things that other tours just drive past…like lynx, caribou calving,

black bears inches from the van, moose calves nursing, eagles feeding eaglets, loons, etc.

"We just love the Alaska you shared with us. We want to come back and experience more!
South Carolina
"Thank you so much for helping our filming for the TV show. We appreciated you and your hard work!"
N.Shibata, GPA Films
Tokyo/Los Angeles

Alaska Photo Adventures offers the ONLY tours that give you ALL these great benefits:

1) The ONLY multi-day photo tours based on the wildlife-rich Kenai Peninsula (where other tours only visit)

2) Small groups only (2-6) – giving you more time & personal attention, whether you’re a beginner or a pro shooter

3) Flexibility to spend max time with animals when the light is great and the action is happening

4) Famous Alaska bear-salmon hotspots like Brooks Falls, Katmai, Lake Clark Nat’l Parks & the Kenai Peninsula!

5) Led by pro photographers, former national park rangers and 40-year resident Alaskan guides

Consider this: If you book a tour with one of the large corporate or international companies, a huge portion of your money pays for expensive TV and magazine ads, high salaries of company executives, celebrity tour guides, etc. None of that gives you more time in the field or guarantees you personal attention or great images.

Mile for mile, Dollar for Dollar, Megabyte for Megabyte

Compared to any other Alaskan photo tour, trek or safari — you’ll get more face time with the animals, get more “keeper” shots and more personal attention for the SAME or LESS cost with Alaska Photo Adventures.


See our “3 Great Questions” below!

"Ron Levy gets the picture!”
John Morris, editor, LIFE Magazine, NY Times, WA Post, Nat'l Geographic
John Morris, editor, NY Times, WA Post, LIFE, Nat'l Geographic
We Have Fun -- Ron Levy, Director, Alaska Photo Adventures
                                          Our Director                                                       2022 Japanese TV segment featuring Ron at Brooks Falls, Katmai NP              

Mindset is everything

Unlike crowded, snapshot tours, Alaska Photo Adventures has 2 priorities:
1) Integration – We match our actions to fit the rhythms of the animals and earn their trust
2) Respect — We respect the land, and show the same respect to you
Trust and patience lead to great photos and fantastic Alaska experiences.

See our complete Mission Statement hereheart icon

"You've changed me. You've made me realize what I truly”

Cost:  $7495   All-inclusive

All tours include:

PIckup and dropoff from your Anchorage hotel

Brooks Falls bears, Katmai/Lake Clark photo tours

Land wildlife tours to/from & around the Kenai Peninsula

RT Flights to Katmai/Lake Clark lodges

Helicopter flightseeing over fjords & glaciers

Marine Mammal/Puffins/Fjords Cruise

All lodging & Meals

Park and/or Refuge fees

(Optional add-on: Dogsled ride on a glacier)

(See available optionals or add-ons here)

Single supplement:   $695

APA Tour Registration form button

brown bears-salmon-photographers-Alaska-Photo-Adventures-Ronevy


"You're the man! I have chronic PTSD from Iraq and you are the best therapy I ever got! The VA can't come close to this!"
“Ron SAVED MY CAMERA! Dunked in salt water, he revived it and I kept shooting next day. Thank you!” – G.D., Germany

3 Great Questions

1) Why not just take a photo tour geared to the general public?

You won’t get the time you need on “snapshot excursions”.  Their agenda is more focused on covering large distances and checklists, rather than giving you the time to work a scene. They’ll keep moving on to the next shot regardless of golden light, great animal interactions or photo opps.

2) Does a photo trek or “safari” cost more?

Not with Alaska Photo Adventures! Compare apples to apples on all-inclusive tours — transportation, lodging, meals, flights, and the actual time you get with the animals. You pay less with us than other tours or if you tried to book all the activities and transportation yourself.
How can we do that?
• Low overhead / family business. You’re not paying for large, corporate structures, expensive TV ads, marketing departments, inflated salaries, etc. It’s just us — a family company with 40 years of Alaska experience, integrity and community relationships giving you a fantastic, unforgettable tour so you can get the photos of your life!
• Bulk discounts from trusted operators we’ve known for years. You can’t get these as a tourist. Alaska Photo Adventures has built up trusted connections for many years.
• No repeated commutes back and forth to Anchorage, giving you more time at the premium wildlife spots to shoot bears with fish, big mammals, aerials, puffins, fjords, etc.

3) Why pay for a guide when I know what I want and how to photograph?

Alaska is a big, wild place. There are a lot more logistics to getting great shots in a short amount of time than just clicking the shutter.  The knowledge and connections of a local guide can be more important than photo knowledge. This can make the difference between great shots vs NO shots.
Knowing who to go with, who’s charging way more than they should, bear behavior, animal habits, weather, terrain, alternate routes, Murphy’s Law, first aid — these only come from decades of living here. We’ve  fixed broken or drenched cameras, loaned out lenses or SIM cards, and all kinds of issues when the unexpected happens. You’ll get tons of tips on Alaska, animals and photography. And by the way, we’re eager to hear about your experiences!

We have lots of returning visitors…

"Ron knows photography and has the ability to communicate eloquently and put people at ease”

Alaska is huge. Travel can get complicated here, and your time is limited.

Let us handle all the logistics.

There are a ton of decisions to coordinate — charter flights, bear camps, weather and seasonal wildlife variations, best places to go at certain times, overpriced lodges, and lots of other services that gouge tourists

We’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ll get you to the best spots for the best price seamlessly.

Your valuable time here will be worth every penny.


  Gold Tour Package:       7 days / 6 nights          $7495.00

Includes trips to Brooks Falls, Katmai/Lake Clark Nat’l Parks

(Price based on double occupancy. Single supplement: $695)


Note: Private custom tours also available where you can mix, match or add locations/interests as you desire. Contact us for more info.


(907) 740-3322


Check tour dates here  or click the yellow button above to reserve your spot NOW. Space is limited and filling up now.

Any Questions?  Comments?


48599 Gruber Rd Soldotna, AK 99669
Office: (907) 740-3322
Email: [email protected]


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