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Ultimate Wildlife Photo Tours by helicopter, boat, dogsled & land
Helicopter aerials with doors off
Dogsled riding on a remote glacier
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Mindset is everything

Unlike many crowded, snapshot day tours, we believe in an attitude of inclusion. 

We believe in priorities.

Our first priority is respecting living things and the areas we visit.

We observe the rhythms of the animals and adjust our actions to earn their trust.

We respect the land, and show the same respect to you.

Trust and patience lead to images with uncommon depth and energy.

From your first contact to the last day of your tour, we are dedicated to providing you

with an outstanding, seamless Alaska experience.

Your time here will be short, but you will leave with deep, lasting memories in your heart
and incredible photos in your camera to enjoy the rest of your life.


Our premium photo tours help serious amateur, semi-pro and pro photographers get the experiences and images of their lives. Formed by photographers, rangers and tour guides, these photo treks have these vital benefits:

1) The ONLY multi-day photography tours based in the midst of the wildlife-rich Kenai Peninsula (not Anchorage),

2) Small groups only to give you any or all the personal attention you want,

3) Flexibility to adjust and spend maximum field time with the animals when the light is great and the scenery superb!

4) Guides who will help you get the best shots for your portfolios (not theirs) during your short time here.

Compare us to any other Alaskan photo tour or trek or safari. Our exclusive central location and low overhead means you will spend more time in the field to photograph and enjoy.

(The truth is — with the larger corporate or international tour companies, a huge percentage of your money pays for the high salaries of company executives, celebrity tour guides, high-end luxury accommodations, repeated commuting back to Anchorage, and expensive TV ads)

Mile for mile, dollar for dollar, megabyte for megabyte — you’ll get more time, more photo opps, more local knowledge and insights, and more ​hands on (or hands off!) attention for less than any other Alaska tours of similar length.

Come to our WIDE OPEN COVID FREE SPACES in one of the safest places in the country!

We have 3 species of bears and a MILLION opportunities to photograph them!

Get those bucket-list photos you’ve always wanted at rates that are cheaper if you book separately yourself.

Check out our remaining slots for our 2021 treks here.

Also see our Discounts page for more info.

Recent 2020 bear experiences:

Three Common Questions:

1) Why not just take a photo trek geared to the general public that sees wildlife?
If you love nature and wildlife photography, you won’t get the time you want on “snapshot excursions”.  Their agenda is more oriented to distance and checklists, rather than time working the scene or getting great images. They’ll keep you moving on to the next scene regardless of golden light, long-lasting animal interactions or great photo opps.
2) Do “photo treks” cost more?
The short answer is No — compare “apples to apples”. Our tours actually cost less than if you book each activity yourself, with transportation, lodging, meals, flights & other fees.
And they cost less than the other Alaska photo tours for the same locations and time frames. That’s because of 2 reasons:
• Low overhead. You’re not paying for a large or prestigious corporate structure with marketing departments, CEOs, tours in other states or countries, or inflated salaries. It’s just us – a family company with 40 years of Alaska living, professional photography experience, top notch guides and bucket-list activities for you.
•  Bulk discounts from operators we’ve known personally for years. Plus we know what tours are padding their operations more than they need to. Rather than paying for over-the-top luxury or repeated commutes back to Anchorage, you’ll have more field time to shoot Alaskan wildlife, gorgeous landscapes and stunning aerials.
3) Why pay for a guided trip when I know what I want and how to photograph?
There’s a lot more that goes into getting the best shots than just clicking the shutter! As internationally published photographers, we’ve been through some of the toughest shooting conditions and assignments on the planet.
We know there are several choices for photography tours in Alaska. But rather than booking with a famous company or “celebrity” photographer, what will matter most to you is, quite simply, getting the shots you want and came for.
Often, the knowledge of a local guide can be more important than photo knowledge. This can make the difference between GREAT shots vs NO shots.
Timing, alternate routes, light quality and angles, animal habits, hazards, terrain, etc.– these only come from years of living here and partnering with the right individuals and companies. You’ll get tips on Alaska, animals and photography from decades of living and shooting here. And we are just as eager to hear about your experiences and field knowledge!
We’ve also helped fix broken or drenched cameras, loaned out lenses or SIM cards in the field, and helped with all kinds of other wilderness and personal issues when the unexpected happens.

We have lots of returning visitors…

10 Major Reasons to Join our Tours

Reason #1: Based in the heart of wildlife-rich Kenai Peninsula, where all the city-based tours come to visit

What it means for you: More time with wildlife in great scenery and/or great light (while the others commute back & forth to Anchorage)


Reason #2: Closest to the bears of Katmai/Lake Clark, and all the wildlife on the Kenai Peninsula

What it means for you: More time to take advantage of golden light and special situations that may come up


Brown bear near photographer, lens compression, McNeil River Sanctuary, Alaska

Reason #3: All inclusive lodging, meals, transportation, park fees, shuttles

What it means for you: Except for tips and minor fees, all major expenses and logistics are taken care of. Concentrate on shooting and enjoying yourself!


Reason #4: Helicopter aerials over fjords, glaciers, marine mammals (doors off if you want)!

What it means to you: Stunning, world-famous photo opps of massive scenes as far as you can see


Reason #5: Another helicopter ride to dogsled riding across a remote glacier

What it means to you: More helicopter photo opps and a bucket-list adventure with Alaskan sled dogs!


Reason #6: Long-time Alaskan pro photographer and/or former Park Ranger/EMT Guides with 40+ years of local insights,  outdoor, wildlife & photography tips

What it means to you:  Expertise to answer your questions, get you to the right places at the right times, and deal with any emergencies in the field


Reason #7: Small group sizes of 2-10 people

What it means to you: More personal attention, more flexibility in our schedule, less group logistics = more time in the field to enjoy and get great shots!


Reason #8: A portion of all proceeds is donated to conservation agencies as a big THANK YOU and insurance for all us on this planet.

What it means to you: The comfort of knowing that we are in this for the long term. We live here and want to see this land and these animals protected not just for great photos but because it’s the right thing to do.


Reason #9: We follow ethical Photo Guidelines that insure minimal impact

What it means to you: The satisfaction of supporting a company devoted to ideals beyond its borders, showing others how to be aware and minimize actions and effects on the land and animals.


Reason #10: Discounts available that makes this an irresistibly sweet deal!

What it means to you: SAVE even more over our basic rates and ANY OTHER PHOTO TOUR OF EQUAL TIME AND ACTIVITIES!


BONUS #11: Tons of FREE valuable Photo & Travel Tips & Insights on the website and in person!

What it means to you: Take better photos, travel more comfortably, make better choices, buy better equipment, save time and money.


Your time is limited. 

Let us handle the logistics (we’ve been doing it here for decades)

Just snap the shots, eat, sleep, & enjoy…

“A fantastic experience!” — S. Levine, Nigata, Japan


     Bronze Package3 days / 2 nights          $2995.00

  Silver Package:   5 days / 4 nights            $4995.00

  Gold Package:       7 days / 6 nights          $5995.00


All prices include:

RT Transportation from Anchorage & around Kenai Peninsula

Flights and/or boat rides to/from Nat’l Parks & bear camps

Helicopter aerials over fjords & glaciers

Dogsled riding on a remote glacier

All lodging & meals  (snacks/alcohol extra)

All Park and/or Refuge fees 


Call (907) 740-3322

to  book your photography tour!

or use the form below to contact us with any questions

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Office: (907) 740-3322
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